Interesting Articles of the Last Couple Days on the Peace Process

by Gedalyah Reback

These two articles in particular have caught my eye. One warns the Obama Administration of mishaps’ potential in its current policies. The other suggests a radical new policy that immediately recognizes a Palestinian state but preserves much of the status quo:

I do not ascribe to the idea Obama is a threat to Israel. The author has a point in choosing his title. Read his article.
From the Wall Street Journal:
How Obama’s America Might Threaten Israel
Determined fecklessness on Iran could lead to nuclear war.

Two States Now: The Case for Unilateral U.S. Recognition of Palestine

Excerpt: “Israel should not be expected to dismantle its West Bank settlements. Settlers who remain there will simply be Israeli residents — or, if they choose, Jewish citizens — of Palestine, just as there are Palestinian residents and citizens of Israel . . . The two states would be free to negotiate further accords . . . they would be doing so as two sovereign nations with recognized borders.

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