Lebanese Politicians Piggybacking off Israeli Political Tactics

by Gedalyah Reback

The current Lebanese governing coalition, in lew of a potential loss in the coming June 7th election to the “March 8th Coalition” that includes Hizbullah, says it will not join a Hizbullah-led government

Saad Hariri

The potential loss by the left-leaning coalition of Saad Hariri, favored by Western countries, is prompting early politicking by Lebanese leaders who may be assuming the outcome of the election in two weeks. The western-leaning Lebanese governing coalition is taking a queue from Kadima, announcing early that it would rather go into opposition than join a unity government.

Hizbullah though knows just as well that a non-unity government might bring financial and political trouble for Lebanon, just as it has for Hamas’ Palestinian Authority which has disintegrated into two de facto states after Hamas failed to secure Fatah as a coalition partner.

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