My name’s Gedalyah Reback and I have a lot to say. I studied at Rutgers and now I’m at Hebrew University, going for my Master’s in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. I started this blog five years ago, but was on hiatus pretty much all of 2011 working on columns at New Voices and The Beacon. I’ve focused on the Shiite World in school, but my blogs cover the gamut from Egypt to Iran, Islam and Judaism, issues inside Israel and its connections to the world.

The State of Israel. The Jewish State. The Hebrew Republic. The Jewish Homeland. There are a few names, fewer official than nicknames. Israel is a random and crazy place. This blog tries to make sense of and organize it all.

A lot of blogs and columns having to do with the Jewish state revolve around the Palestinians and Iran, but much of it is redundant and doesn’t really add to discourse about the country. I have a vested interest in the Jewish homeland, so I’ll be covering issues that don’t get the attention they deserve in Jewish, Israeli, or any other sector of the media. You’ll get the big picture in these posts, and will be exposed to issues, conflicts and happenings you might not have considered before.

Israel’s foreign policy goes beyond the Middle East. It involves the Jewish communities of the world, but goes beyond them, too. Israel is like any other country, reaching out to make economic and political alliances around the world. The Jewish state is unique because of how extended its reach is for its size, and that will be clear in the posts I write.

Religion is a major factor in Israel and the Middle East; more than people realize. Besides the issues inside Judaism affecting the country, I’ll be hitting on topics revolving around Islam (and not just the militant variety) and Christianity, increasingly under threat in the Middle East. There are countless smaller groups that show their importance every day. You’ll get to see how their existence is relevant to the Hebrew republic’s.

It all ties into the country’s strategy. This blog looks toward the future. There is a theme of what is coming in the stories on this blog, not just where the Jewish state’s been. I hope you’ll keep coming back for the latest post on where Israel is headed.

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  1. That’s a huge subject you’ve chosen to cover. As I write historical fiction (as well as non-fiction that covers religion/philosophy), I certainly appreciate how important religion is, not only in the Middle East, but still in many parts of the world. Best of luck with your studies. Cheers, Don

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